Setting up Instagram Accounts for Effect Distribution

Creators that are part of our closed beta program can publish effects to Instagram. Use these guidelines to:

  • Set up your Instagram accounts for effect distribution.
  • Choose owners for Instagram Effects.

Setting up Your Instagram Accounts for Effect Distribution

You need to have your Instagram account linked to the Facebook profile that will manage the effect (the 'effect owner'). This allows you to choose the Instagram account whose followers will be able to discover the effect.

You'll need to refresh the Spark AR publishing hub after you link your Instagram account.

Link an Instagram account to your Facebook profile

If you just have one Instagram account and a Facebook profile, it's simple to get set up. You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile by following these instructions.

This will allow you to use your Facebook profile to manage the effect - note that you can only connect one Facebook profile to each Instagram account.

Choosing an Owner

The owner is the Facebook profile that will manage the effect. The Instagram account linked to that Facebook profile will determine 2 things:

  1. The followers of this Instagram account will be able to discover the effect in the Instagram camera while browsing through effects.
  2. The effect will be attributed to this Instagram account, which means the account's name and profile picture will appear alongside the effect in the Instagram camera.

Who Can See Your Effect

Followers of the Instagram accounts you select will be able to see your effect when browsing effects in the Instagram camera.

If someone shares a story using your effect, a “Try It” button will be displayed on the story. Anyone can try the effect by clicking the “Try It” button, not just the accounts' followers.

Creating an Effect Icon

The effect icon is the picture that will be displayed with your effect in the Instagram camera. For your effect to be accepted you'll need to use our template icon and follow our guidelines - find out more.

Uploading an Effect

Go to Spark AR Hub, and click Upload Effect.

Select Instagram as the effect destination, and fill out the upload form.

The Review Process

All effects are reviewed to make sure they meet our policies. This can take up to a week.

How to Share and Promote Your Effect

On Instagram:

  • Instagram Stories: Post to Instagram Stories showing you and others using your effect. For example, create a highlight reel of photos or videos for your effect. You can even create a reel that shows your followers using your effect.
  • Instagram Post: You can capture a photo or video using your effect, save it, and then post it on Instagram to reach followers who have not seen your effect in your Stories.
  • Instagram Profile: Add the sharing link for your effect to your Instagram profile bio, or use your effect in your profile photo.

Outside of Instagram:

  • Sharing link: Add the effect's sharing link to your website and post it on other social media platforms.

Tips for Sharing and Promoting:

  • Include a clear action for your followers to try your effect. Remember, if someone follows you they will already have your effect in the Instagram camera.
  • Mix up the use of your effect with different formats: try video, boomerang and photos.
  • Tag people in Instagram Stories and posts - the more accounts who use your effect, the more it can spread to people who do not follow you.
  • Build anticipation by pre-announcing the release of your effect.
  • Post about your effect frequently, but also space posts apart over a few weeks to ensure your followers see that you launched the effect.
  • Publish Instagram Stories and posts at the optimum time of day when your followers are online.