Utility Patches

Add utility patches to your graph by right-clicking in the Patch Editor. The menu will show a description for each port.

Name Description


Calculates the dot product of two vectors.


Calculates the cross product of two vectors.


Calculates the distance between two points.

Option Switch

Calculates the length of a Vector.


Calculates the unit vector in the same direction as the original vector.

2D Point Pack

Create a point with 2 dimensions (X and Y).

2D Point Unpack

Turn a 2D point into its individual values.

2D Transform Pack

Create a 2 dimensional transform combining a rotation, translation and scaling.

Face Finder

Finds all faces in the current camera frame.

Face Select

Select a specific face from a Face Finder that you would like to track.

Hand Finder

Find all hands in the current camera frame. Note that you can only track and follow one hand.

Hand Select

Select a specific Hand from a Hand Finder that you would like to track.

Insets Unpack

Turn insets into indivdual top, bottom, left and right values.


Calculates offset for a Scalar value.

Option Picker

Pick one of the options to output based on the option selected. Often used with Option Switch to control which option is picked.

Option Sender

Pick one of the outputs to send the value to. Often used with Option Switch or Counter to control which output to send the value to. Right-click to change the type (ex: number, 3d point, boolean).

Option Switch

Control up to 5 states using an index (0, 1, 2...). This is useful for tracking a state that is one of many options. By default, the output is 0.


Generate a random number (with decimals) that falls between two numbers of your choice. The patch will generate and output a random number each time it receives a pulse on its Randomize port.


Toggle between boolean outputs for every input event.


Output the input value without changing it.


Select different components from the input vector.

The first input is the value that you want to select components from.

The second input, Swizzle, is where you specify which components you want to select, and in what order.